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ECL Carriers aggressively seeks out better and different ways to provide customer service that is second to none, always looking for novel new approaches to handle the logistics requirements of existing and new customers. With over 15 years in the waste transportation business, and almost 25 years in operation, the expertise acquired can sometimes provide completely different approaches than shippers are used to. Be it design, manufacture, operation of new onsite technology, different equipment configurations, or a complete logistics program providing complete management of commodities from start to finish, ECL Carriers can provide cost effective solutions for customers.

Transportation is not the only area that ECL can provide service. Product purchasing and control, manufacturing, and processing, and customer fleet and equipment maintenance and service are all services available if it proves beneficial to the customer. Be it one load or a thousand, ECL Carriers can and will provide cost effective, efficient service, whatever the need.

ECL Carriers continues to operate in much the same manner as it has since its inception. All of ECL's management operate with an open door policy. You'll seldom see any of them in a suit or tie, since they all prefer bluejeans and boots. Being young, they are proactive, and are constantly at the leading edge of technology, be it testing greaseless Meritor U-joints, onboard tire monitoring and equalization systems, or designing radical new truck configurations to better serve customer needs. ECL has always prided itself on superior customer service, and feels profitability is a direct result of superior customer service. ECL keeps its foundation in honesty, integrity, and a good old-fashioned work ethic. If anyone from ECL gives you their word, you can count on it. ECL Carriers will expand and diversify, dependent upon markets and customers needs.

Opportunity comes to those companies that aggressively seek better ways of servicing the logistical needs of customers. Trucking alone is not enough for most customers. They want the security of knowing that their carrier can assist in whatever way is needed. With the latest models, dependable equipment, professional courteous drivers, and a 24 hour a day management team, it's a winning combination for customers, employees, and ECL Carriers.

We have recently taken over and renovated the shop at our Mississauga terminal. A lot of hard work, time and organization has gone into this project and the end result has been fantastic. This enables us to service our own trucks as well as Hopefield’s trucks, one of our sister companies without having to outsource. We can keep our trucks running safely up and down the road, ready to service our customers in a timely and efficient manner.